Conditions of Use for hotels

Conditions of Use for hotels



1. has been created to provide a single site for people searching for hotel rooms on the Internet, where they can find hotels and hotel chains around the world that guarantee the best rates on their own web pages.

Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here.


2./1. After selecting the appropriate hotel, this website will direct the visitor to the hotel’s own website directly. All reservations will be made right at the selected hotel’s own website.

2./2. After the booking of the rooms, no commission fee will be charged on the selected hotel(s).

2./3. The promotion of this site, beyond the usual online marketing tools is supported by a huge direct marketing campaign which covers more than 150 countries.


200 million members of trade unions worldwide. The members of the trade unions, together with their family members, by a cautious estimate, spend hundreds of millions of nights a year in hotels around the world. We believe that changing the room reservation habits of these 200 million members of trade unions, could result in a substantial rearrangement in the online reservation market.

The fair market environment that the hotels have been longing for may begin to emerge.


4./1. Increase the number of visitors on the own web pages of hotels and hotel chains that guarantee the best hotel rates on their own website.

4./2. The operator of (hereinafter referred to as Operator) and the hotels and hotel chains registered at, (hereinafter referred to as Partner hotel) agree that the presence of the Partner hotel on serves the business interests of both parties, and facilitates the establishment of long-term relationships between the stakeholders concerned.


5./1. The Operator will upload an image and some basic information about the hotel to free of charge. 

5./1./1. The hotels concerned are being uploaded continuously, and the rate of upload depends on the Operator's financial resources.

5./1./2. The order of the hotel uploads is determined by the Operator.

5./1./3. The hotels will be notified on their uploads by an e-mail sent to the contact e-mail address found at their websites. The details of the hotels uploaded can be refined, replaced, paused, or deleted.

5./2. Hotels that are not available yet on can be register free of charge on our website after agreeing the general contractual terms and conditions.

5./2./1. The partner hotel can upload the information they want to present at the website at password-protected site. The partner hotel takes the responsibility that the information presented will be updated regularly.

5./2./2. The partner hotel can delete the information provided at at any time or discontinue their publication.

5./2./3. The Operator assumes no responsibility for the validity of the information published by the partner hotel.


6./1. Presentation of the partner hotel on is free of charge.

6./2. There may be other business agreements between the Operator and Partner hotels. Eg being involved in an Affiliate Program. The terms and conditions concerned are included in a separate agreement.

6./3. Registered hotels will become searchable through the search engine of the site. From this page, after selecting a hotel, the visitor will be directed to the hotel’s own website.

6./4. All reservations will be made directly at the selected hotel’s own website.

6./5. Hotels signing up for must meet only one requirement: They have to agree to provide BEST PRICE GUARANTEE for bookings at the hotel or hotel chains’ own website.

7. Voluntary support:

7./1. Those hotels or hotel chains that support the operation of our website with 100 euros, will be able to publish a special offer (last minute, weekend deals, holidays) on our site for a year, after each 100 euro support they provided. The offers can be refreshed any time.

7/2. The operation of our website can also be supported in kind, if you provide us with a 2 night voucher for two persons, for every voucher the hotel will be able to publish a special offer (last minute, weekend deals, holidays) on our site for a year. The offers can be refreshed any time.

7/3. Both of the support types will guarantee that the supporting hotel will show up first in our search engine, if multiple supporting hotels meet the search requirements of the user the order will be created randomly between them.


8. General terms

8./1. In the event of a serious breach of contract, either party may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

6./1./a. The Operator is considered to be in a serious breach of contract if the Partner hotel's basic information is not displayed correctly in the public and password-protected areas of

6./1./b. Publishing false information on the website by a Partner Hotel is considered a serious breach of contract.

8./2. For cases not discussed here, the Standard Terms and Conditions>> of our website are applicable.